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You will not be alone in your efforts;  the LuLaRoe team and I will be here to sponsor and coach you all along the way from how to get started, to driving efficiency in YOUR business.   

Please call or email me so we can discuss the opportunity further:

I would love to listen to your dreams and show you what’s possible when you become a LuLaRoe Consultant!

Key Topics we will discuss:

1) Answer any or your open questions

2) Overview on the full opportunity LuLaRoe can offer you.

3) Understand the basics from: Acquiring your first inventory, 72 Hour Plan for Success, Hosting Successful Pop-Up Boutiques to Selling On-Line. 

3) Discuss what is required to get started.  Then eventually,  best practices on getting it completed for efficiency and high sales.

4) Understand the sales and bonus structures so you understand both the Sales Consultant individual contributor role and benefits plus what is possible by becoming a Sales Leader at LuLaRoe. 

LuLaRoe Career Path - Fashion Conultant.- Sales Commision
LuLaRoe Sponsor Career Path - Sales Commision plus Consultant Recruit % of wholesale purchases
LuLaRoe Trainor Career Path - Sales Commision plus Consultant Recruit % of wholesale purchases (10+ recruits)
LuLaRoe Mentor Career Path - Sales Commision plus Consultant Recruit % of wholesale purchases (3 coaches +)


A Fashion Consultant must complete the LuLaRoe Consultant Application and purchase an initial order as defined in the LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant Business Overview. They can do their own pop-up boutiques and closed online sales and earn from 35 % to 50% of the gross sales . Percentages vary with which products they sell. They must sell 33 pieces a month to remain "active" consultants.


A Fashion Consultant can sponsor others wishing to become Fashion Consultants into the business . A sponsor is responsible for training their Personally Sponsored Fashion Consultants in all LuLaRoe policies & procedures and encouraging their success . A Sponsor is eligible to earn a 5% override bonus on the Personal Volume (wholesale cost  of items sold) of their Personal ly Sponsored Fashion Consultants. In order to receive a bonus on those you sponsored you must personally sell 175 pieces in the calendar month for which the bonus is calculated.


A Trainer has at least three Personally Sponsored, Fashion Consultants, with a total of ten Fashion Consultants in their down-line and meets the criteria as follows:

They receive an override bonus on the Personal volume (wholesale cost of items sold) of 5% on each Personally Sponsored Consultant and 3% on every consultant in the generations after that. To qualify for the override bonus, their down-line must sell at least 1,750 pieces for the calendar month, not including the Trainers own sales. 


Just so you know, the opportunities do not stop at Trainer. There are two additional levels at LuLaRoe, Coach, once you have 3 trainers under you. 

LuLaRoe Coach Career Path - Sales Commision plus Consultant Recruit % of wholesale purchases (10+ recruits, 3+ trainors

Their personal qualification requirement is 250 sold pieces, but that will be reduced by 50 pieces for each Personally Sponsored Fashion Consultant who sells 175 pieces (up to 3).  A 100 item sold minimum requirement for Trainers will remain. They ensure their downl ine has the training, knowledge and support necessary to be successful .

You receive 1 Leadership Bonus Point every month that you qualify as a Trainer and 1 Point for every consultant in your down-line who qualifies as a trainer that results in addional bonus pool opportunities.  There are additional details with these programs, but these are the key highlights.


When you are leading Coaches and ready for the most rewarding leadership and financial growth!


At LuLaRoe, you start as a Fashion Consultant.  Here you learn to sell LuLaRoe Boutique Clothing at Pop-Up Boutiques at people’s homes, business or special events.  As you become more proficient, you can decide to continue to focus in your direct sales, or become a leader by recruiting your own team.  It’s completely up to you to decide this step when you are ready.  If you choose to become a LuLaRoe Leader, then there are considerable opportunities to generate tremendous incremental compensation with the team you build.  Here are some highlights of the career levels at LuLaRoe: