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LuLaroe Misty - Starting her fashion small business - Jumping for joy!
LuLaRoe Sales Leadership Training with Positive Reinforcement
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Have a great time bonding with other LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants!

As a LuLaRoe Consultant, you will become part of a team of driven individuals who are writing their own stories. They truly enjoy their work building new relationships with positive and successful people. They are becoming more confident, empowered individuals making a significant income, all by scheduling and co-hosting LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutiques and online sales.  

And you can, too.

It’s not unheard for spouses to quit their current jobs and join as a LuLaRoe Consultant to drive the family business.  As unlike other jobs, your level of compensation and ability to lead a team and drive a full household incom‍‍‍e is truly up to you and your drive to be successful.

LuLaRoe will give you the tools, then you can make your dream of financial independence come true.

Now LuLaRoe on their 4th year, they are one of the fastest growing companies ever‍‍‍.  Is this the first fashion unicorn?

Like the heroes and heroines of our favorite stories, we believe you can have your own happy ending.  LuLaRoe invites and encourages you to “Join the Movement,” to take back control of your time and your life.  It will require work, but the best victories are those that were hard won.  

You will not be alone in your efforts;  the LuLaRoe team and I will be here to sponsor and coach you all along the way fr⁠⁠om how to get started, to driving efficiency in YOUR business.   

Please call or email me so we can discuss the opportunity further:

I would love to listen to your dreams and show you what’s possible when you become a LuLaRoe Consultant!

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LuLaRoe Misty Elsasser - Shopping on Facebook for beautiful boutique clothes
LuLaRoe Misty - Host A Home Boutique

Listen to Founder DeAnne on why she started LuLaRoe and her vision for all of us!





LuLaRoe Inventory with Sales Consultant welcoming

Key Topics we will discuss:

1) Answer any or your open questions

2) Overview on the full opportunity LuLaRoe can offer you.

3) Understand the basics from: Acquiring your first inventory, 72 Hour Plan for Success, Hosting Successful Pop-Up Boutiques to Selling On-Line. 

3) Discuss what is required to get started.  Then eventually,  best practices on getting it completed for efficiency and high sales.

4) Understand the sales and bonus structures so you understand both the Sales Consultant individual contributor role and benefits plus what is possible by becoming a Sales Leader at LuLaRoe. 

LuLaRoe offers considerable advancement opportunities as a LuLaRoe consultant.  With experience, commitment and hard work, you can advance up the ladder at your pace for further leadership challenges at considerably higher compensation.  There are clearly marked goals to grow with the company and anyone can become a leader, if they wish it and work for it.  

Additional monthly bonuses that can eclipse your own sales are earned with leadership roles, as your team succeeds.  In addition, as the whole company does better, there is yet another l‍‍‍eadership bonus program based on the companies success.  These goals lead every consultant to help each other to make LuLaRoe successful.  Leadership roles are not only possible, they are highly encouraged if your interested in this growth path and your actively offered ‍‍‍training opportunities and given the tools if you wish to have them.

Become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant:

  • LuLaRoe offers high quality fashion, that truly changes patterns every week so there is always something new and a drive by customers to buy what will soon be gone. 
  • You sell LuLaRoe from your home, online as well as at Pop-Up Boutiques at others homes, business or special events.
  • Make your own hour working from home, allowing you to work around family schedules.
  • It’s truly possible to start part time or start again and grow your own fashion business into an extremely successful and rewarding career! 

Career Path

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